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Prof. Dr. Ursula Rautenberg

Full Professor

Katholischer Kirchenplatz 9, Raum 0.017

Phone: 0049 9131 85-23195
Fax: 0049 9131 85-24727


Ursula Rautenberg built the program for book history and publishing studies in Erlangen into one of the largest (as measured by the number of students and personnel) and most prominent university programs of its kind. Her most important areas of research are early printing (development of the title page; book design, typography and reading) as well as the mediality and communicative function of the book in both past and present. She has devoted particular attention to the publication of definitive reference works for the field of book history and publishing studies, for example reference dictionaries such as »Reclams Sachlexikon des Buches« (2003; revised edition 2015); and handbooks including »Buchwissenschaft in Deutschland. Ein Handbuch« (2010) as well as »Lesen. Ein Handbuch« (with Ute Schneider, 2015). As part of DFG funded research projects from 2006 to 2012, she oversaw the establishment and content creation for the publishing-related portions of an information portal for library, publishing, and information science. Ursula Rautenberg studied German literature, comparative literature and philosophy at the Ruhr University Bochum and was a fellow of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes). During her time as an assistant to the chair of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Grosse, she was a guest instructor for six months at Waikato University in New Zealand (1987) and taught for a half year at Tongji University in Shanghai (1988), which formed the roots for the enduring and multi-faceted contacts with China enjoyed by the Erlangen program for publishing studies and a continuing focus of its curriculum. Following her habilitation in Bochum that saw publication of her book on the cultural tradition and publication history of saints’ lives in Cologne, »Überlieferung und Druck. Heiligenlegenden in Kölner Offizinen« (1989), she held a leading position from 1990 to 1994 at the then newly founded Otto Schäfer Library in Schweinfurt. She guided the transition of the world renowned bibliophile collection of illustrated books of the fifteenth through twentieth centuries into a research library and museum, and initiated several museum displays. Following visiting academic appointments in Essen and Heidelberg, she accepted the offer of a professorship for book history and publication studies at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg in 1997, which has been an academic chair since 2010. She has in addition held guest appointments at the Institute for Media and Communications Management (University of St. Gallen, 2010) and on several occasions at Tongji University in Shanghai. She is a frequent participant in the international scholarly community through lectures and conference presentations both in Europe and in China and Brazil.

At the institute responsible for

Head of Chair for Book Studies | Member of the Collegial leadership of the Institute for Book Studies | editor of »Jahresbericht der Erlanger Buchwissenschaft« | editor of the series »Alles Buch. Studien der Erlanger Buchwissenschaft«

Involvements at the FAU

Member of the allocation committee of the German Dr. Schweiger Foundation | Member of the Library Committee of the University Library of Erlangen-Nuremberg (since 2013)


Honorary Researcher des »Chinese Institute of Publishing Science« (CIPS) in Peking (2008)

Publications and Speeches

Rautenberg, Ursula: What can German readers learn about China? Literature from and about China on the German book market. Information Management School / Publishing Science Department der Wuhan University, Wuhan, 17.10.2018.

Rautenberg, Ursula: Top ten, highbrow and lowbrow: on the different audiences of individual and complete editions. A case study of Sigmund Feyerabend’s publishing strategy. The European dimensions of popular print culture, Universität Utrecht, 08.06.2018.

Rautenberg, Ursula/Schlusemann, Rita: German prose romances (»Prosaromane«): From »joyous and profitable« literature in the late Middle Ages to censored chapbooks. Crossing borders, crossing cultures. Popular print in Europe (1450-1900), EDPOP (The European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture), Trient, 16.06.2017.

Rautenberg, Ursula: »Last Words on the History of the Title Page«: Research on the Origin and Development of the Title Page from Alfred W. Pollard to Today. IMAGO LIBRORUM. Mille anni di forme del libro in Europa, Rovereto, 26.05.2017.

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