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Songnan Yu, M.A.

Graduates and Doctoral Candidates

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2001-2005 Bachelor’s Degree after studying at the Dalian University of Foreign Languages. 2005-2006 Translator at Von Hagens Plastination (Dalian) Co., Ltd and B&K Technical Parts and Systems (Taicang). 2006-2009 Master’s Degree after studying at the Beijing International Studies University. 2009-2014 German teacher at the Bohai University in Jinzhou. 2014-2017 China Government Scholarship.

Topic of the research project

Vermittlungsinstanzen und Fördermöglichkeiten für deutsche belletristische Titel in China (1990-2013) | Abstract: The thesis aims to present the publication of German literature in China and their promotion opportunities by researching the translated into Chinese German Literature. The initial plan is a complete collection of all publications between 1990 and 2013. Possible research questions are, what cultural differences and the economic and political conditions influence the selection of texts for translation and publication in China. | Supervisor: Ursula Rautenberg | Start and estimated completion: Beginning: September 2014; Estimated completion date: July 2017