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The Bachelor’s Programme

Study of the Book in Erlangen offers a dual-focus programme that is oriented around both the academic discipline and professional applications. It leads to competencies in two areas: the acquisition of scholarly and analytical skills as well as fundamental applied knowledge of the book industry.

Print media, in particular the printed and digital book, its functions in society and its position in the media system, are the objects of study. Starting with the introductory modules »Essentials of the Study of the Book« and »Reading and Readers«, the following semesters deepen and broaden knowledge of the economics of the book industry, e-publishing and e-commerce, as well as the history of the book and the book trade.

An eight-week internship in a publishing house or other company in the book industry is mandatory, as is the course »Applied Typography«. The curriculum integrates contemporary perspectives and historical approaches equally. Theoretical and integrative work with the material is characteristic of the teaching in Erlangen.

Students have a wide range of later career opportunities. Possibilities encompass all aspects of publishing, including positions in editorial offices, marketing and sales, and distribution and licensing, as well management, corporate development, or the increasingly important IT departments. Broad knowledge of publication processes and the publishing sector combined with solid, application-oriented technology skills will open up significant opportunities for students.

The Master’s Programme

The research-oriented single-subject Master's programme with two focus areas builds on the Bachelor's programme.

Focus area »Media Communication Book«

This concentration focuses on the communicative functions and roles of the book and the reader as its addressee in history and in the present: book production and design, history of reading and readers and the study of book use. The objects of study are the medial forms of text-based communication from the printed book to newer products like audio books or e-books. Approaches from media and communication studies applied to historical and contemporary publishing characterise this concentration.

Focus area »Media Economy Print & Digital«

This concentration investigates the media business as an industry. Economic theory, the localization of media systems and their actors, and the structures of the affected markets form the basis for an introduction to media economics. The focus here is on the print economy and its digital equivalents. Students study present developments in the media business and learn to master the challenges of the digital world.

Incoming Students

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